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Trafaluc Lookbook May

Have you seen Zara’s latest lookbook? If not, here you have some pics. This month they’ve launched a new collection with whites, floral prints and soft colours in light and silky garments. They are perfect for the coming summer days. My favourites are the printed jumpsuit and the white skirt, although I’m in love with the whole collection.



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(collection available here)


the boyfriend jeans

I couldn’t wait anymore to talk about the boyfriend jeans. I think they have lately become a must between the street style fashionistas and they’ve also become one of my favourite trends. But I must confess that hasn’t been always like this. When I first saw those slouchy jeans worn by some celebrities (like Katie Holmes) I thought they weren’t stylish at all.

However now I’m completely in love with boyfriend jeans because they allow you to create a more relaxed and comfy look and you can style them with everything, high heels, sneakers, flats, what you like the most. You can make your outfit look girly and relaxed at the same time so don’t be afraid of the boyfriend jeans!

Here are some of my favorite looks.

charlotte fashionguitar


andy stylescrapbook

Andy from StyleScrapbook


Shini Park from Park&Cube


Sienna Miller (WhoWhatWear)

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